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Welcome to BTG Wellness Companies first ever wellness “forward”, not a retreat, not something you only do when you are burned out, or when you can’t take it anymore; instead where you propel yourself, mind and body, into the ultimate wellness care vacation.

September 18th-22nd we will be meeting in Taos, NM for a 5 days, 4 night stay. The theme will be “Power of the Feminine.” This wellness vacation is a bit different than most wellness retreats though. We will be partnering with local businesses that help feed over 600 children that lack the ability and means to feed them selves.

We will stay local, buy local and impact local. We will work together, organically, to learn how to meditate, move, listen to our bodies, learn from each other and leave more empowered and connected to other like-minded individuals.

Read more details on the Retreat here:

Shared rooms-$2100 per person
Individual rooms-$2500 per person
King Suite-$2750 per person

This includes your rooming, all food, drinks, snacks, hiking, yoga, meditation, 90 minute massage, workouts, yoga mat, water bottle, bag, T-shirt and passion planner.

Food is masterfully prepared by a James Beard Award winning chef.


Contact Kara

(503) 752-0278


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Sacred Goddess Holiday Retreat
to Dec 26

Sacred Goddess Holiday Retreat

The three of us were magnetically drawn together to facilitate a container of space for you to experience a holiday like never before; to feel safe in this Divine Feminine place where the Jungle and Caribbean Sea meet.

Our hope is that you feel as if you were in the womb of the Divine Sacred Mother– to express yourself fully, explore your energetic body, connect with fellow marvelous women, nurture your health, and find peace in your mind. Throughout this holiday gathering, we will unleash your inner Goddess, and take memorable moments to draw in a rejuvenating start to our New Year. Hello 2020:)

All Prices include: 8 days & 7 nights at The Goddess Garden, Three Healthy and Delicious Meals per day, Shuttle Bus To/From San Jose Airport, Daily Meditation, Yoga/Dance, Ceremonial Practices, Solstice Celebrations and an Eco Tour to the Bribri Indigenous Reserve, Chocolate Tour and Waterfall adventure.

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