Love your Body


Ufff.. vulnerability at its best.. this is a touchy subject for many which is exactly why I want to address it.

If any of y’all know my lifestyle, I stay very busy! As the majority of us Americans do… And many of my hobbies involve physical activity.

Well within the past month I haven’t been as active as usual and I have been eating more than what I'm used to, what is going on here?

“I need to make some drastic changes ASAP so I can have the body I want.”

But that is the problem right there because when we go through those periods of time, in which we are not accepting of our vehicles, that’s when we must LOVE our bodies the most.

Of course allow yourself to work towards goals, if that’s what you desire, but please give your body daily gratitude no matter the appearance of it.

I noticed I was not doing that for myself and this caused a disappointment within.

So I started a daily practice to help me truly accept my body in this exact, “flawed” moment in time.

1) Heat up some healing carrier oil and maybe add some organic essential oils
2) Get naked!
3) Moisturize each part of your body and say out loud,
for example, 
“I am grateful for these legs so I can dance tango, walk my dog, kickbox, etc..”
“I am grateful for these arms so I can heal others, express myself, do handstands, etc..”

4) Go through every part of your body and give gratitude for how it serves you.

I promise this will shift your relationship with your vessel and it will open up space to then intuitively choose how you want to be the healthiest version of yourself!

Start with Self-Love.

“Your body is not the real you. It’s just the physical house you live in.
The real you is your spirit, which will live on forever.”
- David Berg.