Simplicity is Bliss


To see so much beauty in the simple things of life; like observing this little ladybug for more than a rushed 30 seconds, is a moment which expands my heart & releases the rigid conditions of how ‘I want’, rather, how my ego 'desires', the world around me to be like.

As I reflect on the times in my life where I felt the most amount of stress it has directly been due to overthinking & spreading myself too thin.

As I allow myself to let go of many attachments and relax into love, I see things more clearly.

I see how important simplicity is to trust the times which are not full of events, people, goals, etc.

My goal, better yet, my ‘intention’ now, is to reunite with divine love by releasing fear & simplifying my mind & my life.

Less doing & more being as everything you wish to attain in your life will come to you as you trust your guidance system & keep your focus on love.