Distance Healing

What in the World is Distance Healing?


No matter how much scientific research we may do, the human mind is not fully capable of comprehending how the universe “works.”

There is an illusion which we live in where we are ruled by time and space.

During my explanation of Distance Healing with others, I observe how our brains work so hard in trying to calculate the possibility of this concept-- healing through space.

This distance may be anywhere from 5 miles to across the globe.

The reality of it is that consciousness is non-local. Which means whether I am in your physical presence, or not, my consciousness is able to be fully present with yours.


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At times, I have felt that I am actually more present through remote healing sessions than in person.

Think of it as being at a coffee shop with a dear friend whom you would really like to offer your supportive presence to.

Your mind is processing your surroundings, the conversations around you, the environment and you’re reading your friend's body language and thinking about what they chose to wear for the day, etc.

When I am not confronted with those distracting observations, I focus in with all of my energy into theirs over the phone.

Our eyes do not meet, yet I feel you more strongly due to my focused awareness on the non-physical.


I have a dear friend who has a hearing impairment and we enjoy nights out Latin dancing.

How can he dance without hearing the music?

He feels the vibration of the base in his bones.

Which directs his body to move to the correct steps of the different styles of dancing-- Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk.

He is a phenomenal dancer due to his enhanced attention to the feeling of the music, as opposed to the sound of the music and he is one of the best dancers I know in Austin.

When other senses are absent, then the primary ones you have are enhanced.

This applies to my presence and awareness within a session over the phone. I tap into my intuitive mind more quickly than if we were to be face to face.

Allow yourself the trust your inner guidance to experience a session and stay open to what may unfold for your evolving consciousness.


What is unfolding in these Remote Healing sessions?

  • You are guided through a short meditation to “drop in” to the session to relax the Mind and Body.

  • I will scan through your energetic system by drawing my awareness into your chakras and all throughout your body. From my intuitive guidance, I will speak of any images/colors/messages which arrive.
  • As we breathe together there will be silence in which we feel the interconnectedness between one another.

  • I may be led to deliver healing chants for you to resonate with these ancient Indian scriptures.

  • Essential oils and sound healing may be introduced to bring yourself deeper into this relaxed state

  • I will share with you the oracle card in which spirit chose for you at the beginning of the session


What may occur during and after the session:

A release of emotions which were stored in the body

Clarity on certain areas of your life

An energetic cleanse of your chakras

An expansion of your heart

Deep relaxation

Improved focus and inner trust

Living your true, authentic self

A discharge of deep-rooted fears

Freedom from false belief systems



What is recommended to prepare yourself for these sessions?

  1. Try to keep a light diet throughout the day

  2. Lay down in a quiet space where you can fully relax

  3. Dress in comfortable, loose clothing

  4. If you have headphones, that would be best so you can hear me clearly and don’t have to hold your phone to your ear

  5. Keep an open mind

What is happening on my end?

  • I prepare by clearing the energy in the room in which we will be working from, with Palo Santo or sage

  • I will allow myself to leave my personal ego outside of the sacred space

  • Seven different stones will be placed on the massage table which aligns with each individual Chakra

    Please receive this information in a light-hearted manner. Take what resonates and leave the rest.