My first Reiki Experience

When I lived in Colorado, I taught yoga more frequently, and a sweet couple and I went to “Wash Park” in downtown Denver. In the middle of the session, my friend asked if I have ever received Reiki before.

I responded by asking: first off, why had she thought of that out of the blue, and second, I’m curious as to what this is!


After our intense yoga practice, she referred me to a friend of hers who is a Reiki Master.


Then she explained to me, Reiki is an ancient healing technique that came from Japan. She explained how much it has benefited her and her husband, so I thought I would give it a try.


A few days later, after a long shift at a restaurant where I used to work, I drove into Denver to my Reiki session.


Once I arrived, I was greeted by this very “down-to-earth” woman. I was honestly “expecting” an old gypsy woman to appear, whatever that means.


She greeted me with such an open heart and very deeply spiritual eyes.


At this time in my life, I was feeling very numb to the relationships I had, the direction I was heading, and I had no clue what the human energy system consisted of.


My stepfather had just passed away -- whom I was very close with -- my boyfriend and I were in a riff, I didn’t want to be working as a waitress forever and I had a great amount of anxiety over what I should be pursuing in life.


As we entered the room, she explained to me that I would be fully clothed and her hands would hover a few inches from my body or lightly touch the skin.


I felt confused yet open to experiencing something new.


I remember within the first ten minutes feeling a total numbness throughout my entire body. I peeked my eyes open just to make sure all my limbs were still intact.


She explained in the beginning that many of her clients experience a numbness, tingling, or an “out of body” feeling. I was not expecting to feel this sensation so precisely.


I don’t think I had ever given myself even an hour of the day to feel myself and my energy before.


I was just learning how to meditate through my yoga teacher training and understanding the power of our thoughts, but this was the first time I was in a room with someone who truly recognized my soul and all the energy points within my body.


I had many visions throughout the session of me traveling through exotic countries, meeting people I’ve never met before, and lastly, seeing my father clearly and feeling his presence.


As her hands were placed on my heart tears flowed out of my eyes uncontrollably. I was not sobbing, but it was as if I was truly seen and felt for the first time.


Once the session came to a close, I collected myself and was consciously led to bring my awareness back on earth into my body.


She shared with me the visions she saw, the sensations she felt, and as she was speaking, I had more emotional releases. It was unbelievable. How was it that this woman who knew nothing about me could see me so clearly?


I was slightly “freaked out”, but more so, incredibly relieved, and felt I had just opened myself to a completely new chapter with fresh perspectives.


Reiki -- with this incredibly beautiful and talented practitioner -- changed my life.


I remember driving home, rushing into my backyard to grab a pen and paper, laying out a blanket in the grass and writing down everything that happened, so I would never forget this experience.


Reflecting back, now I see how that was one of the first awakening times of my life.


The boyfriend and I both agreed to end our relationship. I left the restaurant that was exhausting my energy, and I saved the money my father left behind for me to set out on a six-month-long journey through New Zealand, SE Asia, and parts of Europe I had always wanted to visit.


It can be so hard to make a change in our lives if what is stagnate is not recognized and released.


As I returned from my travels, I ended up starting on my journey to become a Reiki Practitioner, and guess who attuned me? The wonderful woman who gave me my first Reiki experience.


Now, four years into practicing Energy Work, I have seen how much it can help people with physical pain, mental confusion, emotional suffering and drastically change their life for the better.


Physical benefits of Reiki:

  • Creates deep relaxation

  • Relieves stress and tension in the body

  • Helps migraines, sleeping disorders, digestion, nerve pain and much more.

  • Detoxifying

Mental Benefits of Reiki:

  • Develop mental clarity

  • Restart your Nervous System

  • Helps with ADHD & other mood disorders

  • Releases confusion and distractions


I love the physical Massage Therapy work I do with my clients, but sometimes the body doesn’t need to be “fixed” it just needs to be recognized, nurtured, and heard to release old fears and beliefs.


~Attuned: When a Reiki Master has completed their 3 levels of training, they are then able to attune a student. This means that the student is granted the symbols into their palms to receive the gift to facilitate healing through the palms of their hands by the blessing of divine guidance.